Macomb Machine and Fabrication
24075 Hoover
Warren MI 48089
- September 11th 2017

Item Description
1.Item(s): Giant Air Compressor
Brand: Worthington
Dimensions: 64 x 34 x 66
Additional notes: Size = 6-6-4.5 x 3.25
3.Item(s): Snow Plow
Brand: Snowwax
Dimensions: 91 x 48 x 29
4.Item(s): Surface Grinder
Brand: Supertech
Model: STP-1022AD
Dimensions: 65.5 x 48 x 84
Additional notes: Manf. 1987
5.Item(s): Surface Grinder
Brand: Thompson
Serial: 5B32368
Dimensions: 148 x 60 x 78
6.Item(s): Cart
Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 72
7.Item(s): Cart
Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 9
8.Item(s): Lot Of Misc.
Additional notes: Tires, Wet Floor, Shop Vac & Etc.
9.Item(s): Desk With Heater
Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 29
10.Item(s): 4 Drawer Dresser / Cabinet, Spray Tank & Tent
Dimensions: 30 x 16.5 x 36.5
11.Item(s): Pallet With 2 Large Motors
Additional notes: 10 Hp.,Other appears To Be Bigger Mayber 15 Hp.?
12.Item(s): Pallet With 2 Large Motors
Additional notes: 10 Hp.
13.Item(s): Pallet Of 4 Motors
14.Item(s): Pallet Of Misc. Steel Pieces
15.Item(s): Pallet Of Round Steel
16.Item(s): Pump
Brand: Vickers
Model: 3028616
Serial: OOH-34148-01
Dimensions: 24 x 30 x 18
17.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: 2 Eork Benches, Electric Cords & Air Hoses
18.Item(s): Inverting Drafting Board
19.Item(s): Steel Rack With Batteries
20.Item(s): Air Compressor
Brand: Champion
Additional notes: 7 Hp., 230 Volt, 3 Phase
21.Item(s): Pallet With Hydrolic Oil Canaster With Oil
23.Item(s): Giant Air Compressor
24.Item(s): Rack With Contents
Additional notes: Cleaning Supplies, Misc. Small Parts, Batteries, Water Hose, Shop Vac & 3 Propane Heaters
25.Item(s): Granite Leveling Table
26.Item(s): Rack With Contents
Additional notes: Small Parts & Light Bulbs
27.Item(s): Time Clock
28.Item(s): Coat Rack
29.Item(s): Small Table
30.Item(s): Table
31.Item(s): 5 Rolling Chairs
32.Item(s): Steel Cabinet
33.Item(s): Scale
34.Item(s): 5 Drawer Filing Cabinet
35.Item(s): Vaccum Cleaner
36.Item(s): Reclining Pleather Couch
Dimensions: 78 x 40 x 37
Additional notes: Located Upstairs & May Need To Be Dismantled
37.Item(s): 4 Stair Furnance
Brand: Trane
Model: XR90
Dimensions: 18 x 29 x 90
38.Item(s): Steel Cabinet
39.Item(s): Desk With 3 Office Chairs
40.Item(s): Desk With Contents
Additional notes: With Computer Monitor
41.Item(s): Desk With Contents
42.Item(s): Welding Table With Contents
Dimensions: 60 x 120 x 32.5
Additional notes: Grinding Machines, Sanding Machines & Misc. Hand Tools, Some Are Air, Some Are Electric Powered
43.Item(s): Steel Cabinet With Contents
Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 78
Additional notes: Fuses, Motors & Gages
44.Item(s): Steel Rack With Contents
Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 85
Additional notes: Grinding & Cutting Wheels, Misc. Steel Parts
45.Item(s): Steel Rack With C Clamps
Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 66
46.Item(s): Steel Cart With Assorted Pipe Bending Tools & Grinding Tools?
47.Item(s): Steel Welding Table With Contents
Dimensions: 52 Inch Diameter x 32
Additional notes: Chain, Ladder & Misc.
48.Item(s): Steel Welding Cart With Contents
Dimensions: 50 Inch Diameter x 30
49.Item(s): Arc Welder
Brand: Miller
Model: Synchrowave 300
Dimensions: 32 x 23 x 44
Additional notes: 200/ 230 / 460 Volt, Single Phase, Comes With A Coolmate Water System
50.Item(s): Lot Of Welding Rods
Additional notes: With Barrel & Steel Container
51.Item(s): Contents Of Section
Additional notes: Misc. Welding Supplies, Welding Rods, Spools Of Welding Rod, Misc. Hoses & Casters, Argon Tanks
52.Item(s): Contents Of Section
Additional notes: Misc. Steel Pieces, Propane Tanks, HighLo Forks & Rigging Tools
55.Item(s): Contents Of Rack
Additional notes: Portable Welders, Welding Arm, Misc. Gears & Pieces, Misc Truck Rails / Running Boards, Makeshift Welding Table, A Frame Saw Horses, Misc. Tooling, Chauks, Fire Exstinguishers, Electric Components, Motors, Misc. Steel, Drops, 2 Wenches, Welding Machine, Plasma Cutter System, Steel Clamps
56.Item(s): Portable Mig Welder With Mask
Brand: Lincoln Electric
Dimensions: 36 x 21 x 32
57.Item(s): Welding Station With Welding Rods
Dimensions: 49 x 33 x 35
58.Item(s): Furnace HDHC Component?
Dimensions: 107 x 26 x 40
59.Item(s): Miller Welding Machine On Cart
Dimensions: 48 x 34 x 43
Additional notes: Constant Speed Water Feeder
60.Item(s): Hydraulic Pump
Dimensions: 64 x 24 x 28
61.Item(s): Hydraulic Pump
62.Item(s): Thin Line Special Purpose Air Conditioner
Brand: Vortech
Model: ColdPump 560
Dimensions: 121 x 28 x 77
Additional notes: R12, 115 Volt
63.Item(s): Rack With Misc. Steel
Dimensions: 175 x 28 x 64
64.Item(s): Band Saw
Model: M918
Serial: F54808
Dimensions: 75 x 60 x 55
Additional notes: 3 Phase, Manf. 1986
65.Item(s): Diesel Hot Pressure Washer
Brand: Landa
Dimensions: 50 x 24 x 41
Additional notes: 220 Volt, Runs On Diesel?
66.Item(s): Steel Rack With Misc. Steel
Dimensions: 64 x 27 x 79
Additional notes: Diesel Only
67.Item(s): Misc. Table
68.Item(s): Welding Cart With Hoses & Buckets With Misc Tubes
69.Item(s): Welding Cart With Hoses & Tire
70.Item(s): Arc Welding Machine
Brand: Lincoln Electric
Model: Idelarc
Serial: R3S-325
Dimensions: 38 x 27 x 39
71.Item(s): Filing Cabinet With Contents
72.Item(s): High Low
Model: GCS2MB
Dimensions: 168 x 44 x 82
Additional notes: Does Not Run, Liquid Propane, 2 Ton Capacity
73.Item(s): Welding Cart does not include tank
74.Item(s): Steel Cabinet With Contents
Dimensions: 36 x 25 x 77
Additional notes: Casters, Hand Tools & Misc. Small Parts
75.Item(s): Fork Truck
Brand: Hyster
Model: H135XL
Serial: F006AD4203L
Dimensions: 204 x 84 x 125
Additional notes: Side Shift, Approx 17,900 Lbs, Max Load 13,700 Lbs, CAN NOT BE REMOVED BEFORE THURSDAY MORNING!
76.Item(s): 2 Tier Cart With Misc. Steel Parts
77.Item(s): Banded Station
78.Item(s): Table With Contents
Dimensions: 72 x 34 x 34
Additional notes: Vice & Gridning Station
79.Item(s): Metal Working Station
Additional notes: 2 Sanders
80.Item(s): Scissor Lift
Brand: Burke
Dimensions: 104 x 34 x 90
Additional notes: Owner States It Works, Unable To Read Info Plate, 12 Volt Batteries Ct.3
81.Item(s): Tooling Rack With Contents
82.Item(s): Utlility Cart With Contents
Additional notes: Metal Vice Blocks & Bolts
83.Item(s): Welding Cart
Additional notes: May Need Repairing@
84.Item(s): Miller Welder
Additional notes: Appears To Be Arc Welder
85.Item(s): Welding Cart
86.Item(s): Steel Cart
87.Item(s): Rack With Contents
Additional notes: Misc. Steel Parts
88.Item(s): Pallet With Stake Truck Bed Parts & Misc.
89.Item(s): Band Saw
Brand: Perma Manifacturing
Model: Work-A - Matic
Dimensions: 40 x 29 x 70
90.Item(s): Barrels Of Hydrolic Fluid
91.Item(s): Lawn Mower
92.Item(s): Gridning Station
Brand: Hammond
Model: Ok Grinder
Serial: Ok44
Dimensions: 33 x 27 x 71
Additional notes: 3 Hp., 440 Volt, 3 Phase
93.Item(s): Rotating Lathe
Brand: Summit
Dimensions: 156 x 128 x 156
94.Item(s): C&C Machining Center
Brand: Daihatasu
Model: PNC-L56
Dimensions: 179 x 101 x 80
95.Item(s): Deflecting Cart
Dimensions: 121 x 36 x 95
96.Item(s): Barrel Dolly
97.Item(s): Boaring Machine
Brand: Lucas
Model: 5428-84
Dimensions: 132 x 168 x 140
98.Item(s): Work Bench With Contents
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 71
Additional notes: Carbine, Threaded Rods, Metal Blocks & Misc.
99.Item(s): Tooling Cart With Contents
100.Item(s): Work Bench With Contents
101.Item(s): Pallet With Table
102.Item(s): Pallet With Table
Additional notes: With Tooling
103.Item(s): Pallet With Tables
Additional notes: 2 Different Tables
104.Item(s): Pallet With 2 Giant Tables
105.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Pallet With 5 Tables
106.Item(s): Bridgeport
Model: X6330
Serial: 10541
Dimensions: 64 x 60 x 96
Additional notes: Manf. 2001
107.Item(s): Work Bench With Tool Box & Tooling
108.Item(s): C&C Machining Center
Brand: Pratt & Whitney
Model: Star - Turn1290
Dimensions: 252 x 108 x 121
109.Item(s): Work Bench With Contents
Additional notes: Misc. Tooling, Drill Bits, Gears & Blocks
110.Item(s): Work Bench With Contents
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 71
Additional notes: Drill Bits, Saws & Chauks
111.Item(s): Bridgeport
Brand: Chevalier
Model: FM3VKH
Dimensions: 68 x 60 x 87
112.Item(s): 3 Step Ladder
113.Item(s): Grinding Station
Additional notes: Carbite Grinder
114.Item(s): Reflecting Cart
115.Item(s): Boaring Mill
Brand: Pratt & Whitney
Model: 48M20
Dimensions: 172 x 155 x 134
116.Item(s): Utlility Cart With Threaded Rods & Blocks
117.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Misc. Steel Blocks & Tables
118.Item(s): Tooling Cart With Tools
Additional notes: Face Mills & Chauks
119.Item(s): Utility Cart With Giant Drill Bits
120.Item(s): Work Bench With Contents
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 71
Additional notes: Drill Bits, Blocks & Misc.
121.Item(s): Rack With Contents
Additional notes: Face Mills, Threaded Rods, Tooling, Chauks & Forks
122.Item(s): Boring Mill With Contents
Brand: Sacem
Model: MST 110
Serial: 10A2
Dimensions: 210 x 250 x 162
Additional notes: Manf. 1975
123.Item(s): Work Bench With Part Trays
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 71
124.Item(s): Deflecting Cart
125.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Steel Slabs, Cart , Chain & Etc. Does not include bin of wiring
126.Item(s): Steel Cabinet With Contents
Additional notes: Drill Bits, Blocks, Face Mills, Milling Tooling
127.Item(s): Steel Hyrdolic Table, Tooling Rack & 5 Tier Rack
128.Item(s): Scrap Bin
129.Item(s): 4 Tier Cart
130.Item(s): Lathe
Brand: BBF
Model: W45
Dimensions: 300 x 84 x 74
131.Item(s): Compressor Tank
Dimensions: 69 x 32 x 39
132.Item(s): Work Bench With Precision Measuring Tools
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 71
Additional notes: Micrometers & Small Tooling
133.Item(s): Vertical Machine Center
Brand: Mazak
Model: V12
Dimensions: 114 x 114 x 130
Additional notes: Manf. 1956
134.Item(s): Work Bench With Misc. Tooling
135.Item(s): 2 Tier Cart With Misc. Tooling, Face Mills & Drill Bits
136.Item(s): Giant Box Fan
137.Item(s): Work Bench With Contents
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 71
Additional notes: Blocks, Chauks & Misc.
138.Item(s): Lathe
Brand: Le Blond
Dimensions: 165 x 55 x 77
Additional notes: 220 / 240 Volt, 3 Phase
139.Item(s): Tool Box
140.Item(s): Work Bench With Contents
Additional notes: Blocks, Giant Bolts & Misc. Tooling
142.Item(s): Lathe
Brand: JFMT
Model: J.MK530
Dimensions: 136 x 45 x 52
Additional notes: 21 x 80
143.Item(s): Deflector
144.Item(s): Work Bench
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 71
145.Item(s): Fan
146.Item(s): Grindning Station
147.Item(s): Sheer
Brand: Niagara
Dimensions: 195 x 60 x 69
148.Item(s): Scrap In Alley
149.Item(s): Contents Of Shed With 1000lb. Manual Fork Lift
Additional notes: Misc. Machine Parts & Electronics
150.Item(s): New Sump Pump
Brand: Everbilt
152.Item(s): 2001? Ford F350 Stake Truck, 62,929 Miles, 12' bed
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153.Item(s): Electromagnet
Brand: Magnetool
Model: L5001
Additional notes: 5000 lbs Capacity
154.Item(s): Welding Tables
155.Item(s): Scrap on side of building
156.Item(s): Scrap Forklift
157.Item(s): Contents of Bay