1620 South Range Road
Saint Clair Township, MI 48079
- October 23rd, 2017

Item Description
1.Item(s): 3 Door Freezer
Brand: TRUE
Model: gdm72f
Dimensions: 78* 30*80
Additional notes: Missing lower cover Hard wired 220volt single phase r404a
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2.Item(s): Hot and cold water lines and quick disconnect gas line
3.Item(s): Panini Press on table with scrapers
Brand: Taylor
Model: qs1223
Dimensions: 14*35*39
Additional notes: Sell states in working condition, on casters, harwired, 208 volt 3 phase
4.Item(s): Bread Crumb Station
Brand: Round up
Model: vct10bk
Dimensions: 24*30*53
Additional notes: Complete with vertical Toaster, crumb catcher 208/230v single phase 2130 watts
5.Item(s): Pineapple Coring Machine
Additional notes: Needs Some Assembly
6.Item(s): Stainless table with undershelf
Dimensions: 96*30*36
7.Item(s): Snowblower
Brand: Toro
Model: s620
8.Item(s): Food Processor
Brand: Univex
Dimensions: 11*25*15
Additional notes: Comes with extra blade
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9.Item(s): Food Processor
Brand: General
Model: gsm-1/66
Dimensions: 18*10*20
Additional notes: 115v Single phase
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10.Item(s): Single Door Cooler
Brand: Raetone
Model: ar22s
Dimensions: 26*35*84
Additional notes: On casters, missing top cover
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11.Item(s): Vintage Office Chair
12.Item(s): 2 Rubbermaid Brute Trash Cans
13.Item(s): Full Length Decorative Mirror
14.Item(s): Paper Towel Dispenser
15.Item(s): Wet Floor Sign
16.Item(s): Box of Class 2 Transformers
Model: d12750
Additional notes: 120v to 12v DC
17.Item(s): Household Microwave
Brand: Maytag
Additional notes: wall/Cabine mounted
18.Item(s): 14 1/4 Size Sheet Pans
19.Item(s): Stack of Full Size Inserts w Lids
20.Item(s): 21 Pizza Pans
Dimensions: 10*10
21.Item(s): 14 Pizza Pans
Dimensions: 10*10
22.Item(s): 5 Pizza Pans
Dimensions: 12*12
23.Item(s): 30 Full Size Sheet Pans
24.Item(s): 35 Muffin/Cupcake Pans
Additional notes: 12 per Pan
25.Item(s): Revolving Shoe Rack
26.Item(s): 2 Large Fry Baskets
Dimensions: 16.5*8.5
27.Item(s): Custom Corner Drainboard
Dimensions: 18*5*19
28.Item(s): British Campaign Chair
Brand: Bozeman
Additional notes: Retail $599
29.Item(s): 2 Bowl Prep Sink
Dimensions: 132*30*41
Additional notes: Bowls measure - 24*24*13.5, Scrape Pit 16" Diameter, comes with 3 faucets and spray nozzle
30.Item(s): Oversized Insert w Gas Line and Knife Rack
31.Item(s): Bucket w Lid
32.Item(s): Open Sign w Remote
Additional notes: working condition confirmed
33.Item(s): Wooden Display Cabinet/TV stand
Dimensions: 48*20*27
34.Item(s): Metal Fan Blade
Additional notes: 24" Diameter
35.Item(s): Assorted Bundle of Golf Clubs
36.Item(s): Metal Drawer Insert, Mini Trash Cans,Dress Clothes and Phone
37.Item(s): Ice Cream Sign
Additional notes: Over 6' Tall
38.Item(s): End Table
Dimensions: 40*16*30.5
39.Item(s): 2 Wood Framed Chairs
40.Item(s): 2 Wood Framed Chairs
41.Item(s): 2 Wood Framed Chairs
42.Item(s): 2 Wood Framed Chairs
43.Item(s): 2 Wood Framed Chairs
44.Item(s): 2 Wood Framed Chairs
45.Item(s): 2 Well Steam Table
Brand: Adcraft
Dimensions: 33*22.5*34
Additional notes: 110v, unable to read info plate
46.Item(s): Lot of Coffee Equipment
Additional notes: Double Remote Warmer, 5 Remote Pots, 5 Brewer Funnels
47.Item(s): Stainless Equipment Stand w Stainless Undershelf
Dimensions: 36*30*26
Additional notes: On Casters
48.Item(s): 2 Bald Eagle Lamps
Additional notes: Missing shades
49.Item(s): 2 Propane Tanks
50.Item(s): Table
Dimensions: 24*24*30
51.Item(s): Pizza Oven Brick New in Box
Dimensions: 20 3/4*20 3/4
Additional notes: Bottom Box is Empty
52.Item(s): Buffet Line/Cash Register Cart
Dimensions: 24*28*35.5
53.Item(s): Wooden Bedroom Set
Additional notes: Dresser w mirror and 2 nightstands
54.Item(s): Box of Collectible Toys New in Box
55.Item(s): 2 Boxes of Star Trek/ Collectible Figurines, New in Box
56.Item(s): Hobart Slicer for Parts
57.Item(s): 60 Full Size Sheet Pans w Cart
58.Item(s): Digital Deli Scale w Printer
Brand: Bizerba
Model: ce2100
Dimensions: 15*20*12
59.Item(s): Single Door Cooler
Brand: Raetone
Model: ar22s6
Dimensions: 26*35*84
Additional notes: 115v, r22, Working condition confirmed
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60.Item(s): Single Door Cooler
Brand: Victory
Model: ra1ds7
Dimensions: 26*35*84
Additional notes: 115v, r22
61.Item(s): Single Door Cooler
Brand: Raetone
Model: ar22s6
Additional notes: 115v, r22
62.Item(s): Double Convection Oven
Dimensions: 38*46*75
Additional notes: Vectaire Solid State, Natural Gas
63.Item(s): Stainless Table w Undershelf
Dimensions: 27*24*32
Additional notes: On casters
64.Item(s): Soda Rack
65.Item(s): Water Pump
67.Item(s): Stainless Stand on Casters
Dimensions: 27*24*32
68.Item(s): A/V Cart
69.Item(s): Pass Through Dishwasher
Brand: Diversey
Model: AFB
Dimensions: 35*28*91
70.Item(s): Double Espresso Maker
Brand: Lavarazza
Model: Blue
Dimensions: 28*23*22
71.Item(s): Stainless Pans and Misc Stainless Parts
Additional notes: 2 full size and 1 1/2 size pans
72.Item(s): Shopping Cart
73.Item(s): Shopping Cart
74.Item(s): Remote Condensed Deli Display CaseQBD
Dimensions: 60*28*34
Additional notes: Comes w Compressor
75.Item(s): Bread Slicer
Brand: Oliver
Model: 79732
Dimensions: 32*34*59
Additional notes: 115v, Single phase
76.Item(s): Swinging Doors w Frame
Dimensions: 65*98
Additional notes: Double Hinged
77.Item(s): Steel Cart
Dimensions: 39*26*80
78.Item(s): Garbage Disposal
Brand: Waste King
Model: 1000-1
Additional notes: Single Phase
79.Item(s): Stack of Aluminum Pans
80.Item(s): Register Booster
81.Item(s): Vertical Toaster w Butter Station
Brand: Prince Castle
Dimensions: 25*10*27
82.Item(s): Self Serve Bakery Display Cabinet
Brand: Arctica
Dimensions: 40*42*50
83.Item(s): Table Mounted 6" Buffer
Brand: Central Machinery
84.Item(s): Wall Mounted Stained Glass 3 Bulb Vanity Light
85.Item(s): Wall Shelves - New in Box
86.Item(s): Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
Brand: Primo
Model: 900134
Dimensions: 12*14*41
Additional notes: 115v
87.Item(s): Portable A/C unit with hardware
Brand: Idylis
Model: 416709
Dimensions: 17*14*30
Additional notes: 115v
88.Item(s): Dehumidifier
Brand: Idylis
Model: 526051
Dimensions: 14*1*24
Additional notes: 115v
89.Item(s): Tow Behind Spreader
90.Item(s): Wooden Chair
91.Item(s): Wooden Chair
92.Item(s): Wooden Chair
93.Item(s): Wooden Chair
94.Item(s): Wooden Chair
95.Item(s): Wooden Chair
96.Item(s): Scale
Brand: Pelouze
97.Item(s): Pot
98.Item(s): 3D Picture
Dimensions: 55*30
99.Item(s): Bin of Christmas Décor
100.Item(s): Dining Room Set w Bench
101.Item(s): 2 Drawer Warmer w Table Top
Model: HDD-2B
Dimensions: 33*30*35
Additional notes: 120v, Single Phase
102.Item(s): 2 Drawer Warmer w Table Top
Model: HDD-2B
Dimensions: 33*30*35
Additional notes: 120v, Single Phase
103.Item(s): Box of New Plastic Food Pans
104.Item(s): Lot of 4 Ladders
105.Item(s): Antique Accordion w Case
106.Item(s): 16 Bakery Display Trays 1/2 Size
107.Item(s): Patty Machine
Brand: Patty Matic
Model: 330A
Dimensions: 28*31*26
Additional notes: 115v Single Phase
108.Item(s): CO2 Tank
109.Item(s): CO2 Tank
110.Item(s): Forklift
Brand: Toyota
Dimensions: 48*130*79
Additional notes: 6345 Hours, Unable to locate info plate
111.Item(s): Packing Peanut Vacuum
Brand: Poly Vac
Model: 40
Dimensions: 55*24*74
112.Item(s): Pleather Office Chair
113.Item(s): Open Display Cooler
Brand: Amtekco
Dimensions: 64*40*67
114.Item(s): 5 Well Self Serve Soup Station
Dimensions: 64*39*67
115.Item(s): Frozen Carbonated Beverage Machine
Brand: 349-27
Dimensions: 31*40*57
Additional notes: 208-230v Single Phase
116.Item(s): Double Broiler
Brand: South Bend
Dimensions: 34*42*73
Additional notes: Missing parts
117.Item(s): Cook and Hold Oven
Brand: Alto Sham
Model: 1000-TH-I
Dimensions: 22*30*75
Additional notes: 208-240v
118.Item(s): Flat Top Griddle w Convection Oven
Brand: Montague
Dimensions: 36*35*40
119.Item(s): 6 Burner Range w Oven
Brand: Garland
Dimensions: 36*33*57
120.Item(s): Pizza Prep Table w Deli Cooler
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121.Item(s): Bread Slicer
Brand: Berkel
Model: MB
Additional notes: 3/8" Slices
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122.Item(s): Refigerated Display Case
Model: LP-76-R2-00-L2-MC
Dimensions: 78*45*49
Additional notes: 120v Single phase
123.Item(s): Drop In Utility Sink
124.Item(s): Drop in Sink
125.Item(s): 2 Bulb Food Warmer
126.Item(s): Tote w Misc
Additional notes: Army Helmet, Pneumatic Sprayer
127.Item(s): Hot Food Display
Brand: BKI
Model: 1UDC42GL
Dimensions: 69*37*60
Additional notes: 120-208v, Single or 3 phase
128.Item(s): Boys Bike
Brand: Hyper Bike Co
129.Item(s): Turkey Fryer
130.Item(s): Boys Bike w Training Wheels
Brand: Trek
131.Item(s): 2 Stainless Paddles
132.Item(s): Soup Pot w Pedestal and 2 Chafing Dishes
133.Item(s): Diesel Generator
Brand: Lister-Petter
Dimensions: 54*36*42
Additional notes: Hawk Power, 120v, Single phase
134.Item(s): 2 Collapsible Chairs
135.Item(s): Bread Slicer w Cart
Brand: Oliver
Additional notes: 110v, comes with extra set of blades
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136.Item(s): 2 Coolers
137.Item(s): Double Stack Pizza Oven w Hood
Brand: Perfecta
Dimensions: 48*59*65
138.Item(s): Deep Fryer Filter
139.Item(s): Fry Dump Station
Brand: Anets
Dimensions: 13*24*16
140.Item(s): Letter Organizer/ Mail Station
141.Item(s): Scale
Brand: Defiance
142.Item(s): 2 Air Pots
143.Item(s): Deli Scale for Parts
144.Item(s): Self Priming Centrifugal Pump
Brand: 13D-19
Dimensions: 17*44*32
145.Item(s): Table
Dimensions: 30*30*29
146.Item(s): Bus Tub w Misc Smallware
147.Item(s): 2 Tables
Dimensions: 24*24*29
148.Item(s): Outdoor Patio Set
Dimensions: 66*40*29 (Table)
Additional notes: Table, Umbrella, Base and 4 Chairs
149.Item(s): Bakery Pan Washer
Brand: Bakers Aid
Model: BAW-LD-10
Dimensions: 30*37*76
150.Item(s): Lawn Mower
Brand: Troy Bilt
151.Item(s): Stack of Forklift Wheels
152.Item(s): Drop In Ice Cream Freezer
153.Item(s): Heavy Duty Electric Switch
Additional notes: 3 Phase
154.Item(s): Heavy Duty Electric Switch
Additional notes: 3 Phase
155.Item(s): 2 Forklift Tires
156.Item(s): 2 Forklift Tires
157.Item(s): Bevel Buddy Box
158.Item(s): Stool
159.Item(s): Vintage Bicycle
Brand: Schwinn
160.Item(s): Food Processor/Grinder
Brand: Jaipan
161.Item(s): Surround Sound
Brand: Samsung
Additional notes: 4 Speakers, Center Channel and Subwoofer
162.Item(s): Exterior Subway Sign/Light
Dimensions: 94*25
163.Item(s): 2 Door Refrigerator
Brand: TRUE
Model: T49
Dimensions: 54*29.5*83.5
Additional notes: 115v Not cooling, on casters, R134A
164.Item(s): Single Door Freezer
Brand: Hobart
Model: DAF1
Dimensions: 27.5*34*82.5
Additional notes: 120v, R404a, on casters, working condition confirmed
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165.Item(s): Single Door Refrigerator
Brand: Hobart
Model: DA1
Dimensions: 27.5*34*82.5
Additional notes: 120v, R134a, on casters, missing top cover
Item(s): Single Door Freezer
Brand: Hobart
Model: DAF1
Dimensions: 27.5*34*82.5
Additional notes: 120v, R404a, on casters, working condition confirmed
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166.Item(s): Electric Pizza Oven w Broiler
Brand: Garland
Model: 2001 and 2005
Serial: H7-77
Dimensions: 55.5*36*64
Additional notes: 220v, Single or 3 Phase, 27 amp, pizza brick is in top oven, handles are included (dismantled for shipping)
167.Item(s): 4 Well Steam Table
Brand: Duke
Model: Aerohot
Dimensions: 58.5*30*34
Additional notes: 220v, unable to read info plate, galvanized undershelf
168.Item(s): 2 Door Bar back Display cooler
Brand: Glasstender
Additional notes: This is a remote condensed unit and does NOT have a compressor