Genos Pizza
24705 John R Road
Hazel Park MI, 48030
- July 23rd, 2018

Item Description
1.Item(s): Wooden Bench
Dimensions: 48 x 36
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2.Item(s): Awning
Dimensions: 36ft long
3.Item(s): Wet floor sign
4.Item(s): Trash can
5.Item(s): Floor runner
6.Item(s): Table
7.Item(s): Stool
8.Item(s): Stool
9.Item(s): Stool
10.Item(s): "A" Frame sign
Brand: Marquee
Additional notes: Extra letters
12.Item(s): Soda Pop racks
13.Item(s): Floor runner
Dimensions: 108 x 33
14.Item(s): Court Board
Dimensions: 36 x 24
15.Item(s): Floor runner
Dimensions: 55 x 33
17.Item(s): Dry erase board
Dimensions: 36 x 24
18.Item(s): Fire extinguisher
19.Item(s): 5 teir rack
20.Item(s): Trash can
21.Item(s): Trash can
22.Item(s): 2 window shades
23.Item(s): Trash can
24.Item(s): 5 teir rack
Dimensions: 72 x 18
25.Item(s): White door commercial freezer
Dimensions: 72 x 32 x 29
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26.Item(s): Mop bucket
27.Item(s): Wire shelf
Dimensions: 96 x 32 x 30
28.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: to go stuff
29.Item(s): 4 step ladder
Dimensions: 48
30.Item(s): Speed rack
Dimensions: 69 x 22 x 28
31.Item(s): fan
Dimensions: 23
32.Item(s): Makeshift halfsized speed rack
Dimensions: 36 x 27 x 29
34.Item(s): Padded barstool
Dimensions: 41 in tall
35.Item(s): Padded barstool
Dimensions: 43 in tall
36.Item(s): Fan
Dimensions: 14
37.Item(s): Local map
38.Item(s): All in one printer
39.Item(s): Fan
40.Item(s): 2 drawer filing cabinet
Dimensions: 18 x 29 x 27
41.Item(s): Brooms and dustpans
42.Item(s): Trash can on dolly
43.Item(s): Slicer attachment
Additional notes: Pepporoni cylinder
45.Item(s): Jelly Slicer
Brand: Globe
Model: 500
Additional notes: has a sharpener
46.Item(s): Mixer attachment
Additional notes: Grinder Grader, comes with a plunger, hopper and blade
47.Item(s): 2 Teir rack on casters
Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 42
48.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table with galvonized undershelf
Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 36
49.Item(s): Hand sink
Dimensions: 17 x 160
50.Item(s): 20 qt mixer
Brand: Hobart
Dimensions: 14 x 12 bowl
Additional notes: comes with a bowl, whick, whip, dough hook and a paddle. 110 V Unable to read plate
51.Item(s): Stainless steel equipment stand
Dimensions: 39 x 20 x 36
Additional notes: stainless undershelf and makeshift shelf
52.Item(s): 3 Bowl Sink
Dimensions: 90 x 26 x 38, 13 in deep bowls
53.Item(s): 2 Part Shelf
54.Item(s): Deli Prep Cooler
Brand: TRUE
Model: TSSU-72-18
Additional notes: 115 V r134a, on casters
55.Item(s): 3 Door Refridgerater
Brand: TRUE
Model: T72
Additional notes: 115 V r134a, on casters
56.Item(s): Fire extinguisher
57.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table
Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 36
Additional notes: only 2 legs
58.Item(s): Stove Attachment
Additional notes: 24 inch Flattop grittle
59.Item(s): Bakers Block
60.Item(s): 2 Teir rack on casters
61.Item(s): Household Microwave
Dimensions: 18 x 12
62.Item(s): Exhaust Hood
Dimensions: 144 x 72
Additional notes: with fire supression system
63.Item(s): 6 burner range
Dimensions: 36 x 30
Additional notes: with oven and over shelf
64.Item(s): Double deck pizza oven
Brand: Middleby marshall
Model: 360
Dimensions: 96 x 42 x 84
Additional notes: natural gas, 115 V x2, on casters
65.Item(s): Over cooler rack
66.Item(s): Bakers Block Table
Dimensions: 72 x 34 x 83
Additional notes: with over and under shelf
67.Item(s): Anti Fatigue matt
Dimensions: 61 x 37
68.Item(s): Holding/Warming Cabinet
Dimensions: 21 x 30 x 67
Additional notes: 115 V
69.Item(s): MakeLine
Brand: Larosa
Model: 2586-PTB
Dimensions: 90 x 34 x 64
Additional notes: r134a, 115 V, on casters
70.Item(s): Anti Fatigue matt
71.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table with galvonized undershelf
Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 34
72.Item(s): 2 Pizza Screen Racks
73.Item(s): Pizza to go bags
74.Item(s): Box with Contents
Additional notes: Measuring pitchers
75.Item(s): Pizza Screen and Rack
76.Item(s): Stock Pot with lid
77.Item(s): Stock Pot with lid
78.Item(s): Halfsized inserts
79.Item(s): Vaccuum Cleaner
Brand: Dirt devil
80.Item(s): Deli Prep Cooler
Additional notes: with make shift top
82.Item(s): Computer Monitor
Dimensions: 24 in
83.Item(s): Computer Monitor
Dimensions: 24 in
84.Item(s): Fan
Dimensions: 24 in
85.Item(s): Cash register
86.Item(s): LED Open sign
Dimensions: 23
87.Item(s): 2 phones and adding machine
88.Item(s): Shop Vacuum
89.Item(s): Fan
Dimensions: 10 in
90.Item(s): Box with pizza pan lids
91.Item(s): Security System
Additional notes: 5 cameras
92.Item(s): Fan
Dimensions: 24 in
93.Item(s): Box of 1/3 size plastic inserts
94.Item(s): Bin of misc insert lids
95.Item(s): Bin of misc insert lids, deli dividers, and drip inserts
96.Item(s): Lot of misc pizza tools and knives
97.Item(s): Dry erase board
98.Item(s): 22 qt container
Additional notes: with two pizza spatulas and a strainer
99.Item(s): Manual Dicer
Brand: Lincoln
100.Item(s): Box of misc
Additional notes: Collinders, 3 pizza working tools, Scoop, and digital scale
101.Item(s): Box with 1/6 size inserts
102.Item(s): Pizza Boxes
103.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table
Dimensions: 84 x 30 x 35
Additional notes: with Stainless undershelf and can opener
104.Item(s): Stack of fullsized sheet pans
Additional notes: 33 count
105.Item(s): 7 Halfsized sheet pans and drip rack
106.Item(s): 13 Pizza Pans
107.Item(s): 6 pizza pans
108.Item(s): 5 pizza pans
109.Item(s): 20 pizza pans
110.Item(s): 22 qt container
111.Item(s): 2 22 qt containers
112.Item(s): 4 plastic bins
113.Item(s): 2 mop heads
Additional notes: Brand new
114.Item(s): 3 plastic bins
Additional notes: with lids, sauce gun and cutting board
115.Item(s): 2 sharp speakers
116.Item(s): Clock
117.Item(s): exhaust fan
Brand: Lauren
118.Item(s): makeup air
Model: NHMUA2-12-12