Sparc Artwork Auction (Prebidding)
601 Mack Ave.
Detroit MI 48201
- December 10th, 2017

Item Description
A.We are conducting this live CHARITY auction online up until the moments before the live auction will begin. All of the bids on the website will be the used as bids at the live auction. There are minimum bids on all the art pieces and they are much below their retail value. Remember the proceeds are going to a good cause when bidding. Here is a copy of the press release. See additional notes in this lot for press release.
A1.Live AUCTION: December 10. 1:30 pm-3:00 PM Inspection is December 9 at soft opening by invitation only. Not open to the public , unless we get them a ticket in advance. Those are available but limited. Inspection is also December 10, the day of the live auction, 12 noon to 1:30 There will be a live and silent auction being held. The silent auction will held simultaneously with the live, and will end at 3:15. There is a preview bike race at 3:30 -4:00 pm. Items purchased at the auction can be delivered for free within 100 miles within one week. We will have booths for the non profits on both days, to show what they do. There will be a couple food trucks available.
1.Item(s): Finding Balance
Dimensions: 12 x 60 x 78
Additional notes: By: Kelly O'Niell �Balance� is my latest sculpture inspired by the SCRAP initiative. The challenge takes me back to my beginnings: the use of existing items, in this case, bikes and provided metal objects, to create a kinetic sculpture. The inspiration of �Balance� is my most vivid memories of learning how to ride a bike. The crucial moment when you find the right balance and propel forward: a new freedom beyond what me 2 feet had provided. $1500.00 rough retail value.
2.Item(s): Captured
Dimensions: 20 x 110 x 90
Additional notes: "By: Richard Morgan My perception changed on 3/10/08 when my wife and I were notified that our only son was murdered in California on Venice Beach. Sleep was nearly impossible so after awhile I ended up in the shop during those restless nights instead. $3000.00 rough retail value
3.Item(s): Metal Bird
Dimensions: 45 x 105 x 68
Additional notes: BY: Dave Tonegatto I've always had a wandering mind so most of my art begins without a plan. Focusing on a project allows me to clear my cluttered thoughts and free my mind. Sometimes i just see a scrap piece of metal and it will resemble something so then I become compulsive to create the image I envisioned. $4000.00 rough retail value.
4.Item(s): Triptych
Dimensions: 20 x 40 x 69
Additional notes: By: Brian Brooks By day, I�m a social worker, working with adults who have been diagnosed with severe mental illness. Nights and weekends, I�m a metal artist from Three Rivers, Michigan. Besides art fairs, I also create large public pieces, including the first Art Explored public sculpture placement program in Royal Oak., Michigan, St. Luke�s Episcopal church in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Apple Farm Jungian Retreat Center in Three Rivers, Michigan. $500.00 rough retail value.
5.Item(s): Break Table
Dimensions: 88 x 88 x 100
Additional notes: By: Dennis Graham I have been called eclectic all my life and it shows in my work, so this project and opportunity that was given to me was a dream come true. I had so much fun creating this art piece, it was a challenge because I was limited to the parts I could use, even though I had a shop full of parts, I had to stick to the script. But all and all this was the most fun I have had in long time. $3000.00 rough retail value.
6.Item(s): Window 5
Dimensions: 40 x 48 x 48
Additional notes: By: James Shoats My goal is to create works of art that allow the viewer to step away from the stresses of daily life and meditate on themselves. $300.00 rough retail value.
7.Item(s): Dream Catcher 1
Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 14
Additional notes: By: Jessica Considine I have created a dreamcatcher from multiple different parts of recycled bicycles. The outside circles are made from the rims of two different bicycles, the design coming down the rims are made from gears, and the center kinetic piece was made from gears as well. Every piece of material used is steel, tungsten inert gas welded, and powdercoated with various different colors. The good dreams will flow down the gears to the household while the bad dreams dissolve in the daylight. $400.00 rough retail value.
8.Item(s): Innocence '67
Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 108
Additional notes: "By: Mike Willenborg A gingham curtain with bullet holes, a child trying its best to ride away from the fury. Sinking in the path. It took many years to understand what was lost that black day in Julian Detroit. And what needed to be found. $3000.00 rough retail value.
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 98
Additional notes: By: Richard Morgan My perception changed on 3/10/08 when my wife and I were notified that our only son was murdered in California on Venice Beach. . Sleep was nearly impossible so after awhile I ended up in the shop during those restless nights instead. It was then that �Welding� began to ease some of the grief and my creativity was awakened The best thing is being able to create something out of nothing, and making people happy with my art,My pieces are great for the environment and have been constructed mostly with aprox 85% re-claimed materials. $1500.00 rough retail value.
10.Item(s): Scooter McTronz
Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 73
Additional notes: By: Natasha Krawinkel I am going to make a sculpture of my best friend. She recently broke her foot and has really been down in the dumps. Her brother is getting married in a few weeks and she will have to hobble down the aisle in her bridesmaid dress. I want to re-create her on her push scooter with her boot on her broken foot.Her scooter will move and so will her �pushing� foot. $850.00 rough retail value.
11.Item(s): Trikeman
Dimensions: 26 x 40 x 66
Additional notes: "By: Rick Cronn When working on a sculpture from found material, I often look for disparate objects that when assembled might relate to each other aesthetically and evoke a thoughtful response from the viewer. It's a hit or miss process. There is no concept other than choosing to present those objects in a relative manner and a pleasing form. $850.00
12.Item(s): Last Stand at Kalamazoo
Dimensions: 48 x 73 x 69
Additional notes: By: Robert Onnes �I create figurative sculpture which pares back the subject to it�s essence using smoothly curving lines and surfaces.� This piece is representative of the vehicle/bike mayhem in Kalamazoo when a driver ran over numerous bicyclists. $5000.00 rough retail value.
13.Item(s): Goth Bike
Dimensions: 102 x 52 x 24
Additional notes: "By: Tom Priest and Dad For the SCRAP Detroit fest we are using a selection of bicycles and other assorted goods to build a gothic architecture themed piece. #3500.00 rough retail value.