Mars Properties Liquidation
15087 13 mile rd.
Warren Mi 48088
- April 26th 2019

Item Description
1.Item(s): Box Of Aprons & Towels
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2.Item(s): Height Chair
3.Item(s): Massage Table
4.Item(s): Washer
Brand: LG
5.Item(s): Dryer
Brand: LG
Dimensions: 75 x 31 x 30
6.Item(s): Vintage Refrigerator
Additional notes: Not In Working Condition
7.Item(s): Backlit Sign
Dimensions: 110 x 7 x 8
8.Item(s): Lifetime Folding Table
Dimensions: 72 x 30 x 29
9.Item(s): Lifetime Folding Table
Dimensions: 72 x 30 x 29
10.Item(s): Foiled Containers With Lids
Additional notes: 1 Lb. Size
11.Item(s): Compostable Carryout Containers
12.Item(s): 16 Oz. Round Bowls
13.Item(s): 16 Oz. Round Bowls
14.Item(s): 12 Oz. Round Bowls
15.Item(s): Brand New Touch Screen POS
Brand: Acer
Additional notes: 19.5 Inch
16.Item(s): Vintage Electric Stove
Brand: Doulmatic
Dimensions: 40 x 26 x 42
Additional notes: Probably For Parts?
17.Item(s): Deli Prep Cooler
Dimensions: 28 x 30 x 43
Additional notes: On Casters
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18.Item(s): 12 Inch Deli Slicer
Brand: Globe
Additional notes: Has Sharpener, Works
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19.Item(s): 20 Qt. Mixer
Brand: Hobart
Additional notes: Comes With Hook, Paddle, Whip
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20.Item(s): To Go Forks & Knives
21.Item(s): Small Foam Plates
22.Item(s): Small Sulfite To Go Cups
23.Item(s): To Go Lids For 6 Oz. Containers
24.Item(s): George Foreman Grill
25.Item(s): 12 Oz. Food Containers
26.Item(s): Counter Top Convection Oven
Brand: evantco
Model: 177CO16
Additional notes: Appears To Be New, 110 Volt, 1600 Watts, Half Size
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27.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table With Galvanized Undershelf With Backsplash
Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 40
28.Item(s): Catering Trays
29.Item(s): Foiled Containers With Lids
30.Item(s): Small Foam Plates
31.Item(s): Small Cocktail Glasses With Stirrers
32.Item(s): Brown Paper Bags & Gloves
33.Item(s): Scrubber Sponges & Hand Soap
34.Item(s): To Go Plastic Spoons
35.Item(s): To Go Plastic Spoons
36.Item(s): To Go Plastic Spoons
37.Item(s): To Go Plastic Spoons
38.Item(s): Large To Go Bowls & Lids
39.Item(s): To Go Lids & Bowls
40.Item(s): Plastic Silverware
41.Item(s): Half Of Speed rack
42.Item(s): Half Of Speed rack
43.Item(s): 2 Trash Cans With Mop Heads
44.Item(s): Bus Tub Of Misc. Hand Tools
Additional notes: Misc. Lattles
45.Item(s): Sheet Pan With Baking Pans & Coffee Stuff
46.Item(s): Sheet Pan With New Pans & Heavy Duty Submersible Blender / Mixer
47.Item(s): Sheet Pan With Platters & Wax Paper
48.Item(s): Sheet Pan With Cleaning Supplies, Bowls, Smaller Submersible Blender / Mixer
49.Item(s): 4 Sheet Pans
50.Item(s): Speed Rack
Dimensions: 21 x 26 x 69
51.Item(s): Bakers Block Table Top
Dimensions: 96 x 25 x 125
52.Item(s): Stainless Steel Bowls
53.Item(s): Stainless Steel Bowls & Strainers
54.Item(s): Stack Of Pans Ct. 11 & Thermostats
55.Item(s): Stock Pot With Strainer & Lids
56.Item(s): Stock Pot With Pasta Dividers
57.Item(s): Large Stock Pot With 2 Stainless Stock Pots & Mixing Paddle
58.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: 4 Utensil Dividers, Plastic Coffee Pot, Trays
59.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: 7 Stock Pots, Stock Pot With lid, Plastic Meat Trays & 4 Ticket Holders
60.Item(s): 3 Tier Metro Rack
Dimensions: 48 x 15 x 35
Additional notes: Contents Not Included
61.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Steamtable Inserts, Oversized Containers & Braising Pans
62.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Measured Containers With Lids, Mostly 3.5 Qt & 2 Qt.
63.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Measures Containers, Mostly 7.5 Qt., PH Testing Kits
64.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Lids For Measured Containers
65.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Measured Containers, 18 Qt. & 12 Qt.?
66.Item(s): 5 Tier Metro Rack
Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 84
67.Item(s): 4 Chaffing Dishes
68.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Container Draining Inserts & Plasticware
69.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Some Are Slotted & Drip Screen, 1/4 Size Sheet Pans, Light Bulb Not Included
70.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Counter Top Warmer, Half Size Sheet Pans, Full Size Inserts
71.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Brand New Counter Top Warmers & Drip Screens
72.Item(s): 5 Tier Metro Rack
73.Item(s): Wall Décor With Menu Boards
74.Item(s): Trash Can With Mops & Brooms
75.Item(s): Linen Back Racks
76.Item(s): Soup Warmer
77.Item(s): Box Of Stainless 1/3 Inserts & 1/9 Size Inserts
78.Item(s): 5 Tier Metro Rack
79.Item(s): Box Of New Coca Cola Tumblers
80.Item(s): Box Of 1/3 Inserts & Lids
81.Item(s): Box Of Plastic 1/6 And 1/9 Size Inserts & Plastic Soup Lids
82.Item(s): 1/6 Size Plastic Inserts With Lids
83.Item(s): Stainless Steel 1/3 Size Lids, Inserts & Drip Screens
84.Item(s): Stainless Steel 1/6 Size Inserts & Lids
85.Item(s): Bread Pans & Measuring Cups
86.Item(s): Large Metal Spoon & Fork
87.Item(s): 4 Wall Mounted Metro Shelves
Dimensions: 48 x 18
88.Item(s): Stand Up Sign
89.Item(s): Open Sign
90.Item(s): Oven Mits
91.Item(s): Misc. Signs & Table Top Menu Holders
92.Item(s): Lot Of Misc. Jars
93.Item(s): Battery Powered Lighted Arrow
94.Item(s): Décor
95.Item(s): Lot Of Misc. Jars, Baskets & Décor
96.Item(s): 3 Jars
97.Item(s): Décor
98.Item(s): Box Full Of Office Supplies
99.Item(s): Box Full Of Office Supplies
100.Item(s): Meat Grinder Mixer Attachments
101.Item(s): Box Of Mop Buckets
102.Item(s): Lifetime Folding Table
Dimensions: 72 x 30 x 29
103.Item(s): Vanity
Additional notes: Needs To Be Disconnected CAREFULLY!
104.Item(s): Tote With Wood Holder
105.Item(s): Glass Block With Cd's
106.Item(s): Tote With Misc. Electronics
107.Item(s): Walker
108.Item(s): 2 Computers & Misc.,
109.Item(s): 3 Tube Tv's
110.Item(s): Cabinet
Dimensions: 48 x 18 x 76
111.Item(s): Wall Décor
112.Item(s): Medical Powered Icepack
113.Item(s): Battery Back Ups
Brand: APC
114.Item(s): Mini Fridge
Brand: Sanyo
115.Item(s): Food Processor
116.Item(s): Bamboo Plant Riser
117.Item(s): Bin Full Of Misc. Office Supplies
118.Item(s): Clipboards
119.Item(s): 2 File Crates With File Holders
120.Item(s): File Holders
121.Item(s): Rocket Kits
122.Item(s): Suitcase
123.Item(s): Bus Tub With Table Linens, Electrical Cord & Ice Scraper
124.Item(s): Table
Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 34
125.Item(s): Electric Range
Brand: Aroma
126.Item(s): Antique Doll
127.Item(s): Wicker Basket & Small Trash Can
128.Item(s): Household Microwave
129.Item(s): Drop In Freezer
Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 33
130.Item(s): Rollaway Cot
131.Item(s): Cabinet
Dimensions: 48 x 18 x 76
132.Item(s): Vintage folding Table
Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 29
133.Item(s): Lot Of Bedding Furniture
134.Item(s): 3 Piece Amour With Book Shelves
Dimensions: 121 x 27 x 86
135.Item(s): Amour
Dimensions: 49 x 24 x 79
136.Item(s): 7 Boxes Brand New Jewelry Boxes
Brand: Cosmopolitan Jewelers
Additional notes: Mostly Full
137.Item(s): 4 Drawer File Cabinet
Dimensions: 18 x 26 x 52
138.Item(s): Book Shelf With Combination Lock
Dimensions: 63 x 18 x 48
139.Item(s): Wall Mounted Shelf Unit
140.Item(s): Office Chair
141.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Flashing, Lantern & Mirrors
142.Item(s): Office Dividers
143.Item(s): 3 Drawer File Cabinet
Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 48
144.Item(s): 3 Drawer File Cabinet
Dimensions: 20 x 18 x 48
145.Item(s): Hand Truck
146.Item(s): Shopping Cart With Misc. Computer Stuff
147.Item(s): Umbrella Weighted Holders & Christmas Tree Stand
148.Item(s): Tool Box With Tools
149.Item(s): 6 foot Ladder
150.Item(s): Shovels & Brooms
151.Item(s): Meat Grinder
Brand: Enterprise
152.Item(s): Printer / Scanner
Brand: Envy 4500