Monroe Surplus
3717 Monroe St.
Dearborn MI 48124
- April 22nd, 2019

Item Description
1.Item(s): Crate of glasses
2.Item(s): Crate of glasses
3.Item(s): Crate of glasses
4.Item(s): Crate of glasses
5.Item(s): Crate of glasses
6.Item(s): Crate of glasses
7.Item(s): Crate Of Glasses
8.Item(s): Shopping cart full of meat trays
9.Item(s): Cooler
10.Item(s): Cooler
11.Item(s): Stack of misc racking parts
12.Item(s): Box Full Of New Wooden Baskets
13.Item(s): Box Full Of New Wooden Baskets
14.Item(s): Box Full Of Holiday Sting décor
15.Item(s): Box of Wicker Baskets
16.Item(s): Box of Wicker Baskets
17.Item(s): Wooden Table
Dimensions: 45 x 28 x 30
18.Item(s): Box of Balloons and ribbon
19.Item(s): Box Full Of New Misc. Ribbon
20.Item(s): Box Of Misc. Autumn & Misc. Decor
21.Item(s): Metal Décor With Misc. Glasses
22.Item(s): Stack Of Gold Rim Dishes & Misc. Dishes With Different Holiday Sayings
23.Item(s): Metal Table Setting With Coffee Cups
24.Item(s): Centerpiece With Misc. Candle Settings & Décor
25.Item(s): 2 Candle Pedestals & Lamp Shade
26.Item(s): Lot Of 5 Chairs
27.Item(s): Kitchen Table
Dimensions: 48 x 32 x 30
Additional notes: Missing The Leaf
28.Item(s): High Top Table
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 36
29.Item(s): 3 Pieces Of Wall Décor
30.Item(s): Table With Leaf
Dimensions: 73 x 49 x 30
31.Item(s): Box Of Misc. Décor
Additional notes: Nut Cracker Stuff & New Tiki Torches, One Piece Is Broken
32.Item(s): Grand Mirror Glass Display Cabinet
Dimensions: 79 x 18 x 83
Additional notes: Backlit, Minimum Bid $150
33.Item(s): Hose
34.Item(s): Hose
35.Item(s): Hose
36.Item(s): Sum pump
37.Item(s): AC Unit
Brand: Comfort Maker
Model: AB048G
Dimensions: 31 x 40
Additional notes: Manf. 1986, 208 Volt, Single Phase, R22, Seller States It Works
38.Item(s): Contents Of Cart
Additional notes: Appears To be For Parts, Cart Does Not Come With Lot
39.Item(s): Cart
Dimensions: 21 x 52 x 42
40.Item(s): Decorative Pillar
41.Item(s): Small Christmas Tree
42.Item(s): Meat Grinder
Brand: Biro
Model: A12
Serial: 7990
Additional notes: Turns On, Doesn't Come With A Hopper, Has Screw & Blade
43.Item(s): Single Door Half Size Cooler
Brand: QBD
Dimensions: 22 x 27 x 48
44.Item(s): Commercial 1200 Watt Microwave
Brand: Amana
Additional notes: Appears To Work
45.Item(s): Display Warmer
Additional notes: Appears To Work
47.Item(s): Floor Buffer
Brand: Kent
Additional notes: 11 Hp, Propane Powered
48.Item(s): Electric Floor Buffer
Brand: Kent
Model: Kf205H
Additional notes: 110 Volt
49.Item(s): Electric Floor Buffer
Brand: Masury Columbia
Additional notes: 110 Volt
50.Item(s): Electric Floor Buffer
Brand: Clarke
51.Item(s): Electric Floor Buffer
Brand: Clarke
52.Item(s): Electric Floor Buffer
Brand: Clarke
Additional notes: Has Brushes
53.Item(s): Electric Floor Buffer
Brand: Multi - Clean
54.Item(s): Meat Tenderizer
Brand: Berkel
Additional notes: Appears To Be For parts
55.Item(s): Manual Sausage Stuffer
56.Item(s): Propane Tank
57.Item(s): Propane Tank
58.Item(s): Liquid Tote?
59.Item(s): 2 Boxes Of 8 Foot Light Bulbs
60.Item(s): Box Of Straws
61.Item(s): Box Of To Go Containers
62.Item(s): Box Of To Go Platter Domes
63.Item(s): 3 Totes
64.Item(s): Stack Of Totes
65.Item(s): Box Of Old Newspapers From Feb 2006
66.Item(s): Box Of Food Service Quick Sheets
Additional notes: Food Wraps
67.Item(s): Box Of Misc. Cloth Aprons & Food Bags
Additional notes: Some Aprons Are New
68.Item(s): Crate Of Tape And Laser Pointers
69.Item(s): Crate Of Keg Pumps
70.Item(s): Crate Of Wicker Baskets & Misc. Art Supplies
71.Item(s): Crate Of Cable Wire
72.Item(s): Wicker Basket with misc.
73.Item(s): Convect security Mirror
Dimensions: 36" diameter
74.Item(s): Pair of Double Hinged doors
Dimensions: 23 x 82
75.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Cutting Board, Power Strip, Space Heater, Cross T's , Drop Ceiling, Brand New 48 Inch Wide Projection Screen In Case
76.Item(s): Lot Of Misc.
Additional notes: PVC, Copper Pipping & Drop ceiling stuff
77.Item(s): Aluminum 2 Tier Rack
Dimensions: 48 x 20 x 61
78.Item(s): Aluminum 2 Tier Rack
79.Item(s): Shopping Cart Full Of Metro Rack Attachments
80.Item(s): Misc. Poles For Metro Racks
81.Item(s): 28 Metro Rack Shelves
82.Item(s): 9 Metro Rack Shelves
83.Item(s): 10 Metro Rack Shelves
84.Item(s): 6 Metro Rack Shelves
85.Item(s): Misc. Metro Rack Parts
86.Item(s): Lot Of Misc. Used Jugs, Concrete Mix, Gravel, Liquid Nails, Carper Adhesive
87.Item(s): Lot Of Mop Buckets
88.Item(s): Crate Of Books
89.Item(s): Crate Of Meat Trays
90.Item(s): Cart With Misc. Light Fixtures & Tile
91.Item(s): Brand New In The Box Merchandising Racks & Shelves
92.Item(s): Returnable Automatic Machine
Brand: Kansmaker
93.Item(s): Lot Of Misc.
Additional notes: Rails, Stainless Steel Splash Guard, Heavy Duty Foldable Table, Chimney Cap. Misc.
94.Item(s): Polytop Table
Dimensions: 72 x 30 x 36
95.Item(s): Heavy Duty Garbage Disposal
Brand: Insinkerator
Model: SS-100-8
Additional notes: 1 Hp.
96.Item(s): Lot Of Misc.
Additional notes: White Boards, Double hinged Doors, 4 Exterior 4 x 8 Ft. Advertisement Boards
97.Item(s): Copy Machine
98.Item(s): 3 Rolls Of Butcher Wrap
99.Item(s): 3 Door Cooler
Brand: Materbilt
Serial: KM329133
Additional notes: Seller States It Works In Great Condition, Left Door Hinge, R134a
100.Item(s): 24 Inch Hot Dog Roller
Additional notes: With Stainless Steel Rollers