Eastpointe Storage Building
21054 Kelly Road
Eastpointe MI 48021
- November 12th, 2018

Item Description
1.Item(s): Lot Of 12 Jugs Of Carper Adhesive
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2.Item(s): 2 Plastic Bins With Misc.
3.Item(s): Shopping Cart With Misc. Hardware
4.Item(s): Ice Block Machine Or Water Cooler For Ice Cream Machine
Brand: Alpha Equipment
Model: B220SB
Dimensions: 23 x 27 x 40
5.Item(s): 3 Tier Rack With Misc.
Dimensions: 50 x 23 x 54
Additional notes: Tools, Misc. Smallware, Books, 3 Fry Baskets & Misc.
6.Item(s): 4 Tier Cart
Dimensions: 36 x 19 x 72
7.Item(s): Paint Gun Cleaning System
Dimensions: 18 x 14 x 42
8.Item(s): Case Of Mustard Squeeze Bottles
9.Item(s): Bucket Of Misc. Hand Tools
10.Item(s): Tool Box Of Misc.
11.Item(s): Milk Shale Mixing Station With 3 Heads
Brand: Wearing
Additional notes: Commercial Grade
12.Item(s): Table With Ice Bin
Additional notes: Comes With Misc. Condiment Equipment
13.Item(s): Full Size Insert With Battery Operated Knife
14.Item(s): Full Size Insert With Misc. Stainless
15.Item(s): Full Size Insert With New 4 qt. Measuring Cup
16.Item(s): Full Size Insert With Condiment Pumps & Parts
17.Item(s): Full Size Insert With Filter Holder & Fry Funnel
18.Item(s): Full Size Insert With Silverware Divider
19.Item(s): Cream Jug
Additional notes: "London 57 Port Huron"
20.Item(s): Cream Jug
Additional notes: "Detroit Brewery 55"
21.Item(s): Cream Jug
22.Item(s): Cream Jug
Additional notes: "London Farm Dairy"
23.Item(s): Cream Jug
Additional notes: "Bodker Dairy"
24.Item(s): Microwave
Brand: Combo
Model: LTRM1240ST
Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 13
25.Item(s): 4 Tier Rack
Dimensions: 24 x 12 x 55
26.Item(s): Cabinet / Station
Dimensions: 30 x 24 x27
27.Item(s): Steamer
Brand: Roundup
Model: DFW-100
Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 8
Additional notes: 120 Volt
28.Item(s): Ice Cream Blender
Brand: Cyclone
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 27
Additional notes: Foot Pedal Operated, 110 Volt
29.Item(s): Electric Counter Top Deep Fryer
Brand: Wells
Dimensions: 18 x 19 x 12
Additional notes: 110 Volt
30.Item(s): Bread Pans Ct. 5
31.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table With Galvanized Undershelf
Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 36
32.Item(s): 3 Bowl Sink With Spring Spray Nossel
Dimensions: 77 x 24 x 44
Additional notes: Bowls = 14 x 16 x 12
33.Item(s): Trash Can Full Of Smallware
Additional notes: Milkshake Mixers, Cups, Knives, Condiment Pump Stuff, Ice Cream Machine stuff, Grill Scrapper, Etc.
34.Item(s): Stack Of Metal Framed Padded Chairs Ct. 10
35.Item(s): Pool Stick Holder
36.Item(s): Water Cooled 2 Flavor Ice Cream Machine
Brand: Taylor
Model: 339-33
Serial: J3034017
Dimensions: 26 x 33 x 65
Additional notes: On Casters, 208/230 Volt, R502, 3 Phase, Comes With : Paperwork, Electric Gaskets, Cleaning Agents
37.Item(s): Vintage Invoice Copier
38.Item(s): 2 Rolls Of Fabric
Dimensions: 63 INCH
39.Item(s): Wedding / Floral Décor
Additional notes: 2 Shelves, Altar, 2 Pedestals, Archway, Bin Of Silk Flowers
40.Item(s): Holding Cabinet
Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 69
41.Item(s): Vintage Boat Anchor
42.Item(s): Vintage Jack
43.Item(s): Small Kiln
44.Item(s): Crate With Motorcycle Engine
45.Item(s): Box With 2 Refrigeration Compressors
46.Item(s): Holding Cabinet
Dimensions: 20 x 31 x 70
47.Item(s): Rack With Display & Bread Pans
Dimensions: 29 x 16 x 70
48.Item(s): Rack With Display Pans
Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 70
49.Item(s): Rack With Full Size Sheet Pans
Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 71
50.Item(s): Ground Coffee Dispenser
51.Item(s): Snow Ball Machine
Brand: Snow Wizard
Dimensions: 45 x 14 x 28
Additional notes: 110 Volt,
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52.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table With Stainless Undershelf On Casters
Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 34
53.Item(s): Hot Dog Roller
Brand: Starmax
Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 10
Additional notes: 110 Volt, Turns On Works, needs cleaning
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54.Item(s): Single Door Cooler
Brand: Delfield
Dimensions: 27 x 33 x 81
Additional notes: 115 Volt turns on, on legs missing front cover
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55.Item(s): Condiment Dispenser/Station
Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 15
56.Item(s): Wood Table with Misc Stainless stuff and tool crib
57.Item(s): Deep Fryer
Brand: Pitco
Dimensions: 16 x 30 x 46
Additional notes: Natraul Gas
58.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table With Galvanized Undershelf
Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 38
59.Item(s): Car Parts, Misc Staples and Nails, Wood Trim Pieces(for Picture Frame?)
Additional notes: Looks like truck front end parts(new)
60.Item(s): New Rotors
61.Item(s): Crate Of Misc Machine Shop Stuff
62.Item(s): Counter top French Top Grill
Dimensions: 22 x 24 x 14
Additional notes: Appears to be natural Gas
63.Item(s): Snow Blow
Brand: Craftsman
Additional notes: gas powered, missing pieces, turns over
64.Item(s): Stainless Steel table with stainless overshelf and galvonised undershelf
Dimensions: 83 x 30 x 68
65.Item(s): Antique Panini Press
66.Item(s): Heat Register
Dimensions: 12
Additional notes: brand new
67.Item(s): Box of misc tools
68.Item(s): Struts for Truck
69.Item(s): Boys Suit Coats
70.Item(s): Boys Suit Coats
71.Item(s): Boys Suit Coats
72.Item(s): Steel roll up door
73.Item(s): Boys Suit Coats
74.Item(s): Purses
75.Item(s): Girl Shoes
76.Item(s): Women`s Shoes
77.Item(s): Box of Cake Pans
78.Item(s): Bin with Misc Cake Pans and Pots
79.Item(s): Work Bin with Misc Tools, Work light, and Racing Car Seat
80.Item(s): Scale
Additional notes: 400 pound capacity
81.Item(s): Dough Bin with Sheet Pans and Cake Pans
82.Item(s): Box with Misc Smallwear
Additional notes: braising pans, plastic bowls
83.Item(s): 4 Top Booth
84.Item(s): Box of Books
85.Item(s): Box of Recipe Books
86.Item(s): Suitcase with New Clothes
87.Item(s): Suitcase
88.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: vintage items
89.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: Smallwear, display stuff, brand new stool
90.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: Plate dividers, bins
91.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: Giant lot of cake pans
92.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: Catering stuff, plates,rolls of fabric
93.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: Misc Baking Items, Stainless Inserts
94.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: Holiday decour and beverage fountain
95.Item(s): Contents of shelf
Additional notes: Stockpots and cake pans
96.Item(s): Contents of area
Additional notes: Motorcycle windshield, Smallwear, old Vacuum, does not include toaster
97.Item(s): 2 Door Cooler
Brand: Randell
Dimensions: 55 x 34 x 79
Additional notes: 115 volt r 12 on casters Works
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98.Item(s): Stainless Station
Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 52
99.Item(s): Metal Shelf
100.Item(s): Insulatered Berverage Dispenser
Brand: Cambro
101.Item(s): Chinese BBQ
Brand: Robert Yick
Dimensions: 26 x 30 x 60
Additional notes: Natural Gas
102.Item(s): Heating Holding Half Sized Cabinet
Brand: Alto- Shaam
Model: 750-s
Dimensions: 26 x 28 x 28
Additional notes: 230 volt 100 watt Single Phase
103.Item(s): Contents of Area
Additional notes: Cone Dispensors, Paper towel Dispenser, Stainless Items Misc
104.Item(s): Deli Slicer
Brand: Berkel
Model: 909FS
Additional notes: Comes With Lunch Meat Attachment
105.Item(s): 4 Foot Lighting Fixtures Ct. 12
Additional notes: Most Of It Is Brand New Or Used For Display. Most Of Them Are For LED's
106.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: 2 x 2 Square Fixtures ct. 3 , Spot Lights Ct. 3
107.Item(s): Square Fixtures Ct. 3
Additional notes: 2 Are 2 x 2, 1 Is Approx. 1 x 1
108.Item(s): Round Light Fixtures Ct. 2, Hardware & Brackets
109.Item(s): Large Lot Of LED Light Fixtures
Additional notes: Most Are In Boxes, Must Be Atleast 17 Fixtures
110.Item(s): Desk With Chair
Additional notes: Desk Is Very Heavy!
111.Item(s): Lot Of 4 Foot Light Fixtures Ct. 7
112.Item(s): Boxes Of 1 x 4 Dry Wall Frame Kits For Lighting Ct. 11
113.Item(s): 8 - 10 Foot Light Fixtures, Acrylic Covers & Track Lighting
114.Item(s): Large Box Of Misc. Lighting
Additional notes: Small Lights, Frames, Exterior Light, Misc. Lights
115.Item(s): Cooper Lighting Flush Mount Collar In Case
Additional notes: Case Is 18 x 12
116.Item(s): Flush Mount Light In Case
Additional notes: Case Is 18 x 12
117.Item(s): 24 x 24 Circle Light In Case
118.Item(s): Square Light Fixture In Case
Brand: Lumax
Additional notes: Approx. 24 x 24
119.Item(s): Slope Ceiling Down Light In Case
Brand: Halo Led
Additional notes: 6 Inch
120.Item(s): Square Light Fixture In Case
Brand: Lumax
Additional notes: Approx. 24 x 24
121.Item(s): Light In Case
Brand: Prudential Lighting
Additional notes: Approx. 24 x 24
122.Item(s): 6 Inch Compact Fluorescent In Case
Brand: Iris Lighting Systems
Additional notes: Approx. 24 Inches Long
123.Item(s): Compact Fluorescent Light In Case
Additional notes: Approx. 36 x 20, 8 Inches Wide
124.Item(s): Square Light Fixture In Case
Brand: Prudential Lighting
Additional notes: Approx. 24 x 24
125.Item(s): 48 Inch Flurorescent Light Fixture In Case
126.Item(s): 48 Inch Adjustable Led Light Fixture In Hard Case With Case
127.Item(s): Light Fixture In Case
Additional notes: Approx. 32 Inches
128.Item(s): Light Fixture In Case
Additional notes: Approx. 28 Inches
129.Item(s): 24 Inch Lighting Fixture Ct.2 In Case
Additional notes: Apprears To Be Directional
130.Item(s): In Luggage Style Case With Wheels
Brand: Beta - Calco
Additional notes: Comes With Extra Bulbs, Colors & Schemes
131.Item(s): Misc. Can Lighting In Case
Additional notes: 2 Light Fixtures With Dimmer, With Flush Mounts Etc.
132.Item(s): 2 Can Lights In Case
Additional notes: One Has Dimmer
133.Item(s): 24 x 24 Square Light In Case
134.Item(s): Circular LED Light With Transformer & Dimmer In Case
135.Item(s): 48 Inch Flurorescent Light Fixture In Case With Wheels
Brand: Sky Blade
Additional notes: It All Works, Some Of It Is Not Hooked Up
136.Item(s): Light Fixture In Case With Extra Brackets & Hardware In Case
137.Item(s): Drain Snake