Noronha Estate
36072 Crompton Circle
Farmington Hills MI 48335
- May 17th 2019

Item Description
1.Item(s): 2003 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500
Additional notes: 228,000 Miles, VIN# WD2YD642335539921, Cart NOT Included, 2.7 L Diesel, See Photos For Recent Work Done On It. Last Time Driven Was Feb. 2017. Comes With Some Tapes & Cd's.
2.Item(s): 2004 Honda Neo Spec 3 1800 Motorcycle
Additional notes: VIN# 1HFSC49F74A200765, 15,000 Miles, Comes With Lift, Saddle Bag, Multiple New Chrome Parts, Old Parts Included, Chrome Air Filter, 3 Helmets
3.Item(s): Heavy Duty Produce Cart
Dimensions: 28 x 45 x 42
4.Item(s): Stainless Steel Equipment Stand
Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 21
5.Item(s): Brand New Motorcycle Helmet
Brand: Andrea Cardone
Additional notes: Leather
6.Item(s): Collapsible Tent
Dimensions: Interior = 96 x 96 x 78
7.Item(s): Granite Green Camtherm Electric Food Holding Cabinet Low Profile Hot / Cold
Brand: Cambro
Model: CAM100
Dimensions: 31 x 42 x 42
Additional notes: 125 Volt
8.Item(s): Commercial Freezer
Brand: Kelvinator
Model: KFS220RHY1
Dimensions: 32 x 31 x 75
Additional notes: 115 Volt, R134a, Only Gets Down To Cooling Temps For Refrigeration
9.Item(s): Ingredient Bin
Brand: Rubbermaid
10.Item(s): 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet
Brand: HON
Dimensions: 18 x 26 x 57
Additional notes: On Cart
11.Item(s): Ice Bin With Heavy Duty Hose
12.Item(s): Hand Truck
13.Item(s): 4 Tier Metro Rack
Dimensions: 36 x 14 x 54
14.Item(s): Horizontal Filing Cabinet / Liquor Cabinet
Dimensions: 36 x 18 x 65
Additional notes: Contents NOT Included
15.Item(s): Horizontal Filing / Liquor Cabinet
Dimensions: 15 x 24 x 66
16.Item(s): 5 Drawer Filing Cabinet With Key
17.Item(s): Single Door Freezer With Key
Brand: Turbo Air
Model: M3F24-1
Dimensions: 29 x 33 x 83
Additional notes: With Self Cleaning Condenser, Working Condition Confirmed, Less Than 2 Years Old. On Casters.
18.Item(s): Half Size Sheet Pan Rack With Wire Rack Attached
Dimensions: 22 x 26 x 30
19.Item(s): Back Mounted Vacuum Cleaner
20.Item(s): Half Size Sheet Pan Cart With Collapsible Table
Dimensions: 53 x 28 x 36
Additional notes: Contents NOT Included.
21.Item(s): 5 Tier Medium Duty Rack
Dimensions: 37 x 18.5 x 72
Additional notes: Contents NOT Included.
22.Item(s): Sheet Pan Cabinet
Dimensions: 21 x 30 x 56
23.Item(s): 2 Door Freezer
Brand: Turbo Air
Model: M3F47-2
Dimensions: 52 x 31 x 83
Additional notes: Working Condition Confirmed. Comes With Extra Gasket
24.Item(s): Candoor Clay Oven
Brand: Candoor
Dimensions: 23 x 36
Additional notes: Set Up For LP, On Casters
25.Item(s): Heavy Duty Ingredient Bin With Steel Bin
Dimensions: 15 x 27 x 27
Additional notes: On Casters
26.Item(s): Air Compressor
Brand: Central Numeutic
Additional notes: 110 Volt, 2HP, 8 Gallon, Single Phase
27.Item(s): Ingredient Bin
Brand: Rubbermaid
28.Item(s): Shop Vac
Brand: Rigid
Additional notes: 5 HP., 16 Gallon
30.Item(s): Meat Saw With Grinder
Brand: Kountry Kitchen
Dimensions: 24 x 21 x 60
Additional notes: On Casters, Comes With Many Extra Saw Blades, Comes With Grinder & Attachments & Key
32.Item(s): Electric Chain Saw
Brand: McCulloch
Model: EM300S
Additional notes: 3.0 HP, Electramac
33.Item(s): Electric "18 Inch Hedge Trimmer
Brand: Craftsman
34.Item(s): Sprinter / Starter For Track
35.Item(s): Robatta Flame Grill
Brand: Clay Oven Co.
Dimensions: 72 x 38.5 x 50
Additional notes: Natural Gas, Type A, Comes With Spits, Knives, Walk Attachment, Extra Grates, Skewers, Smoke Wood Chips, On Casters, On Custom Built Equipment Stand
36.Item(s): Meat Grinder
Brand: Adcraft
Model: MG-1
Additional notes: 120 Volt, Back Up Pan Included
37.Item(s): Mop Bucket
38.Item(s): Mop Kit
Brand: Ecolab
39.Item(s): 22 Qt. Size Bin & Trash Can
40.Item(s): Manual vegetable Slicer
41.Item(s): Brand New Commercial 1 Gallon Culinary Blender
Brand: Hamilton Beach
Model: HHBF1100S
Additional notes: Retail Price $1250
42.Item(s): Brand New 22 Liter Pressure Cooker
Brand: Hawkins
Model: Bigboy
Additional notes: 22 Liter
43.Item(s): Brand New 4 Quart Commercial Dicing Food Processor
Brand: Waring
44.Item(s): Vase
45.Item(s): Spiral Cutter For Apples Or Potatoes
46.Item(s): Ninja Blender
Additional notes: 1 Blender Motor, 2 Containers & Blender Top
47.Item(s): Brand New Dehydrator On Casters
Brand: Cabela's
Model: TS160D
Additional notes: 120 Volt
48.Item(s): Knife Sharpener
Brand: Waring
Additional notes: 110 Volt
49.Item(s): Brand New 10 Qt. Mixer
Brand: Centenial
Model: 10-FLE
Additional notes: Comes With Whip, Wisk, Paddle & Bowl, 100 Volt, Single Phase
50.Item(s): Stack Of Drip Screens Ct. 8
51.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Screens, Spoons, Stock Pot With Screen, Wok Tools, Stainless Bowls, Insertable Can Opener
52.Item(s): Stack Of Brand New Pans
53.Item(s): Stack Of Pans
54.Item(s): Pizza Spatula's Ct. 4
55.Item(s): 5 Drawer Filing Cabinet
Dimensions: 15 x 28.5 x 59.5
56.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Brand New Sizzle Platters, Pizza Screen & Pressure Pot
57.Item(s): Flip Top Ingredient Bins
58.Item(s): Measured Containers With Lids
59.Item(s): Contents Of Area
Additional notes: Stainless Inserts, Baskets & Wicker Baskets
60.Item(s): Contents Of 2 Shelves
Additional notes: Giant Martini Glass, Platters, Small Plates, Etc.
61.Item(s): Contents Of Rack
Additional notes: Champagne Glasses, Brand New Cutlery, Brand New Sets Of Spoons, forks & Knives, Perfume.
62.Item(s): Contents Of Shelves
Additional notes: Mints, Bowl, Décor, shelves, Bells, Globes, Etc.
63.Item(s): 2 Wok's
64.Item(s): Brand New Chef's Coats
Additional notes: White, Black & Burgundy
65.Item(s): Brand New Aprons
66.Item(s): Napkins
67.Item(s): Stock Pot With Lid
68.Item(s): Stock Pot With Lid
69.Item(s): Stock Pot With Lid
70.Item(s): Stock Pot With Lid
71.Item(s): 3 Pots
72.Item(s): Stack Of Stainless Steel Inserts
Additional notes: Mostly Full Size
73.Item(s): Stack Of 4 Stainless Inserts
74.Item(s): Stainless Fry Baskets & Baskets
75.Item(s): 3 Plastic Inserts & Stainless Bowls
76.Item(s): Baking Pans & Large Platters
77.Item(s): Insert With Wok Spoons & Slotted Spoons
78.Item(s): 4 Hotel Pans
79.Item(s): Brand New Coffee Grinder
Brand: Bunn
Model: G3HD
80.Item(s): Heavy Duty Commercial Industrial Blender
Brand: Waring
Model: CB15
Additional notes: 120 Volt
81.Item(s): 1/3 Stainless Inserts Ct. 3
82.Item(s): Odd Shaped Insert With 1/4 Size Inserts
83.Item(s): 1/3 Inserts
84.Item(s): 1/4 size Inserts
85.Item(s): 1/6 size Inserts
86.Item(s): Half Size Inserts
87.Item(s): Half Size Inserts
88.Item(s): 1/3 Size Inserts
89.Item(s): Plastic 1/9 Inserts
90.Item(s): Plastic 1/6 Inserts
91.Item(s): Plastic 1/2 Inserts
92.Item(s): Plastic 1/3 Inserts
93.Item(s): Plastic 1/3 Inserts
94.Item(s): Stainless Steel Table With Galvanized Undershelf
Dimensions: 72 x 30 x 33.5
95.Item(s): Double Mesh Screen Strainer & 2 Metal Platters
96.Item(s): Stock Pot
97.Item(s): Brand New Stock Pot With Lid
98.Item(s): Giant Stock Pot With Lid
99.Item(s): Bag Of Decorative Bags
100.Item(s): Contents Of Waitress Station
Additional notes: Trays, Bus Tubs, Cups, Bowl Horn Décor, Tumblers, Water Pitcher
101.Item(s): Beverage / Waitress Station
102.Item(s): 3 Tier Steaming Unit
Additional notes: Can Steam Tomales, Dumplings, Corn & Etc.
103.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Brand New Tumbler Glasses
104.Item(s): Contents Of Drawer
Additional notes: Brand New Stainless & Plastic Spoons, Tongs & Ladles
105.Item(s): Catering Bags
106.Item(s): Filing Cabinet
Dimensions: 30 x 18 x 64
107.Item(s): Surge Protector
108.Item(s): Household Deli Slicer
109.Item(s): Bread Pan & Half Size Sheet Pan
110.Item(s): Contents of Table
Additional notes: Bowls, Platters, Risers, Sink Fixtures & Brand New Spring Spray Nossel
111.Item(s): Contents Of Under Table
Additional notes: Dough Bins, Misc. Smallware, Dishes, Dish Soap, Soap Dispensers Towels & Braided Wicker Baskets
112.Item(s): Yoga Ball Chair
113.Item(s): 10 Inch Tablet Ct.4
Brand: Slate
114.Item(s): Contents Of Night Stand
Additional notes: Decorative Décor & Lamp
115.Item(s): Circular Chafing Dish
116.Item(s): Box Of 3/4 Filled Gel Chaffing Dish Fuel
117.Item(s): Round Chafing Dish
118.Item(s): Round Chafing Dish
119.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
120.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
121.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
122.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
123.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
Additional notes: Folding
124.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
Additional notes: Folding
125.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
Additional notes: Folding
126.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
Additional notes: Folding
127.Item(s): 8 Qt. Full Size Chafing Dish
Additional notes: Folding
128.Item(s): Contents Of Crate
Additional notes: Platers, Plates, Auto Pourers & Stops
129.Item(s): 1/2 Size Vintage Refrigerator
Dimensions: 21 x 23 x 34
130.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Spices = Ajwian, Garam Masala
131.Item(s): Contents Of Shelf
Additional notes: Spices = Chili Powder
132.Item(s): 3 Tier Cart
133.Item(s): Bin With Chili Powder
Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 32
134.Item(s): Star Anisc
135.Item(s): Coriandor
136.Item(s): Cloves
137.Item(s): Paprika
138.Item(s): Black Pepper Corn
139.Item(s): Turmeric
140.Item(s): Green Cardamoms
141.Item(s): Black Cardamoms
143.Item(s): Bay Leaf's
145.Item(s): 5 Boxes Of Kokum Black Wet
Additional notes: 20 Bags Of 100 Grams In Each Box
146.Item(s): Box Of Extra Hot Chili Power
Additional notes: 10 lbs.
147.Item(s): Poppy Seeds
Additional notes: 24 Bottles Of 220 Grams In Each Bottle
148.Item(s): Box Of Star Anise
149.Item(s): Box Of 3 Ring Binders
150.Item(s): Granite Top Table
Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 24.5
151.Item(s): Granite Top Table
Dimensions: 60 x 24 x 24.5
152.Item(s): Stainless Table
Dimensions: 18 x 24 x 37
153.Item(s): Crate Full Of Mace
Additional notes: Approx. 8 Lbs
154.Item(s): Big Pan With 1/6 Inserts & 1/9 Inserts
155.Item(s): 2 Brooms & 2 Dust Pans
156.Item(s): Counter Top Drain Insert
Dimensions: 29 x 38 x 1.5
157.Item(s): Stainless Steel Shelf
Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 2
158.Item(s): High Top Table
159.Item(s): Foldable Table
160.Item(s): Bar Stool
161.Item(s): Bar Stool
162.Item(s): Bar Stool
163.Item(s): Speaker System
Brand: Divinci
Additional notes: 5.1
164.Item(s): Brand New Wine Glasses
165.Item(s): Brand New Wine Glasses
166.Item(s): Brand New Wine Glasses
167.Item(s): Brand New Cream Colored San Marino Dishes
168.Item(s): Brand New Cream Colored San Marino Dishes
169.Item(s): Brand New Cream Colored San Marino Dishes
170.Item(s): Brand New Cream Colored San Marino Dishes
171.Item(s): Brand New Soup Bowls Ct. 36
172.Item(s): Brand New Soup Bowls Ct. 36
173.Item(s): Brand New Soup Bowls Ct. 36
174.Item(s): Brand New Soup Bowls Ct. 36
175.Item(s): Brand New Soup Bowls Ct. 36
176.Item(s): Brand New Soup Bowls Ct. 36
177.Item(s): Brand New 5 Piece Coffee Mug Tree
178.Item(s): Square Bowls Ct. 15
179.Item(s): Square Bowls Ct. 15
180.Item(s): Square Bowls Ct. 15
181.Item(s): Small Square Bowls Ct. 36
182.Item(s): Square Bowls
183.Item(s): Brand New Square
184.Item(s): Brand New Box Of Platters
185.Item(s): Brand New 16 Oz. Square Bowls
186.Item(s): 10 1/2 Inch Soup Bowl Dinner Plates
187.Item(s): 5 Inch Knappie Oatmeal Bowls
188.Item(s): 5 Piece Mug Tree
189.Item(s): 5 Piece Mug Tree
190.Item(s): 5 Piece Mug Tree
191.Item(s): Giant Bus Tub Of Silverware Ct. 104 Sets
192.Item(s): Aluminium Pans With Steak Knifes, Butter Knifes & Spoons
193.Item(s): 9 Large Wine Glasses
194.Item(s): 9 MRE Food Kits, Flash Light & Chemical Survivor Suit
195.Item(s): 3 Tier Cart
Dimensions: 17 x 11.5 x 30
196.Item(s): 3 Tier Stand
Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 33
197.Item(s): Holding Rack With Baskets
Dimensions: 23.5 x 26 x 54
Additional notes: Contents Not Included
198.Item(s): Black Light & Disco Light Bulb
199.Item(s): 2 Square Plates & Bowl
201.Item(s): Decorative Metal / Tin Vase With Fake Flower
202.Item(s): Misc. Spice Packets
203.Item(s): Misc. Spice Packets
204.Item(s): Stainless Steel Scrubbers
Additional notes: Roughly 6 Dozen
205.Item(s): Box Of White Plastic Forks
206.Item(s): Power Free Eco Friendly Gloves
207.Item(s): Mop Head
208.Item(s): Olympic Barbell
209.Item(s): Tool Chest
Dimensions: 41 x 18 x 64.5
210.Item(s): Dishwasher Rack Shelf
211.Item(s): Box Of Sindhi
212.Item(s): Huskee 55 gallon Trash Can with Dolly
213.Item(s): Huskee 32 gallon Trash Can with Dolly